Your air conditioner is composed of many components that make it efficient, safe, and function properly. One of the most essential part is the capacitor. It is a cylindrical object that provides power in the system, especially to devices on startup. Some problems you might encounter with your air conditioner is probably caused by a bad capacitor. To help you replace it, you have to find one that matches your system. Here are some places where you can find a capacitor.

Local HVAC Store

Probably, HVAC stores near you will have what you need. Tell them the specifics they will be able to help you most of the time. If due to some unexpected problem, what you are looking for is not available, there are still other places to look.

Online HVAC Stores

 You may browse catalogs on the internet on HVAC store sites. Verify if it is exactly what you need. You may also check reviews and stars given by other customers. It will be convenient to purchase online, but you have to wait for a while.

To make sure you are buying the best capacitor for your system, there are many things to consider.

Capacitor Type

There are two types of capacitors you can find in your air conditioner. The run capacitor powers the system while it is turned on. The start capacitor gives a boost to some devices like the fan, compressor, or others. Take a look at where the connection from the capacitor leads. Check the terminal your capacitor is connected in, that is also information you must have.

Capacitor Shape

 While most of the capacitors are cylindrical, some might still vary depending on your air conditioner type, model, or brand. Make sure you purchase one that is identical to your old capacitor.

Capacitor Voltage

 The capacitor voltage is critical to your system. Take note of that one because it is essential to get a capacitor with the same voltage range capacity. Most of the time, you can find this printed on the side of the capacitor cover. It is also on your owner’s manual, so be sure to keep those in case needed.

Capacitance Value

Another piece of information you have to keep is the capacitance value. This one is also printed on your capacitor. A run capacitor will have a different value than a start capacitor. It is measured in micro Farads, sometimes expressed as μf or MFD. Find a capacitor that has an identical capacitance value to your old one. 

When looking for a capacitor, make sure you will get the right one that matches your system, to avoid other problems. A bad capacitor is easy to fix yourself, after all. You will only have to pay for the capacitor.

If you are not confident with doing the work on your own, contact a licensed expert to do it for you. You may also check if your unit is still under warranty, or if you have a plan with your HVAC contractor. Repairs and replacements will be easy if you have someone for help!