Air-conditioners are essential to keep our homes comfortable. It dehumidifies the air, and keeps it chilled when it is hot outside. The unit also purifies the air to get rid of impurities, smoke, dust, and odors. 

Today’s air-conditioners are the most efficient and power-saving compared to older models, but like other appliances, it may break down once in a while. It also needs to be taken care of according to its needs. It has to be maintained, cleaned, and inspected at regular intervals.


The first reason is to make sure that your air conditioner is working at its best. Your unit loses 5% of its efficiency every year, and surely, you do not want that. With regular maintenance, you can recover most of it. 

Maintenance will also get rid of the existing small problems in your unit that might turn into bigger ones if left unchecked. It will cost you more to repair those in your air-conditioner, though you can avoid those with inspection.

If your unit is maintained properly, it will work continuously and will be available to make your home comfortable in the months you need it the most. Your air-conditioner will also last for a long time, and you would not have to replace it until 12 to 15 years later. It may even last longer than that! 

Taking care of your unit should be of importance if you want lower electricity bills and air-conditioner repair costs. 

How Frequent

At least a once a year inspection will be good for your air-conditioner if you do not suspect any problem with it. However, some components might get dirty, which will reduce its efficiency. Try to check the air filter. Ideally, it should be cleaned or changed every month. You may also check the condenser if it has some dirt or debris.

You may check your unit yourself and clean the parts you can. Just make sure to consult your owner’s manual to avoid making more damage. You may also contact your HVAC contractor to sign up for their annual inspecting or cleaning services to save more. 

How Much

If you do not have plans with your contractor, a diagnostic test or inspection would cost about $80 to $100. Annual service costs will range from $150 to $300, with additional fees if some parts of your air-conditioner need replacement. 

These are just estimates, and you may still get lower prices if you know your contractor. If not, do some research and ask several companies to know how much it might cost. Remember that an annual service will require less money than what you might spend for emergency repairs, if ever your unit malfunctions unexpectedly. It is better to avoid problems that your air-conditioner might bring than to take care of them later. It will save you both money and time. 

A yearly inspection and maintenance should be in place for your air-conditioner. This is to make sure that it will work perfectly, especially at a time you need it the most.