Hanging artwork on the stucco wall is quite challenging. When you try to hammer or drill a screw, it often chips and cracks when done improperly. If you want to save time, money, and effort, you must learn how to properly hang your decor on the stucco wall. Today. I’m going to show you how to hang a wall decor without using nails or tools on stucco. 

Tools for hanging outdoor wall decor without drilling   

You can choose among the following tools, which one is the most suitable for your current need. If you are hanging a painting or art decor that requires wire backing, an adhesive hook is a good choice. 

  • Double-sided mounting tape 
  • Adhesive hooks 
  • Wire hangers 

Clean surfaces before hanging a wall decor if you are using a tool that sticks to the wall

Wipe clean the surface area where you intend to hang your object using water or rubbing alcohol. Allow it to dry. 

Measure and mark the point where you want to hang your decor

Determine the exact location where you want to hang your decor. Mark it using a pencil to avoid mistakes later on. Be sure to apply the adhesives on the right spot. It is better to stick the adhesive hooks properly the first time than to keep removing and reapplying it. 

If you are hanging large objects or frames that require wire backing, you may need to use multiple hooks. Make sure to carefully measure the surface especially if you will be using multiple hooks. You can use a tape measure, leveler, or ruler to see if the hooks are properly aligned. Hold the measuring tool against the stucco and check if the spots you marked are on an even or straight line. 

Peel off the adhesive backing and attach the hooks on the stucco wall 

Make sure to attach the hooks right at the spot you’ve marked with a pencil. Once again, adhesive tapes are often hard to remove so it is important to attach it right for the first time. Also, make sure to read the directions on your adhesive tape’s packaging to see if there is any specific instruction on how to properly stick your hooks to stucco walls. 

For heavy or bigger objects, you may want to add more strength to the adhesive. You can add a dab of hot glue right to the adhesive part before attaching it to the stucco. 

Hold and press the hooks against the stucco for a few seconds 

This is to ensure that it will stick very well to the stucco wall. You can hold and press the hook for around 30 seconds. 

Hang your decor on the hooks gently 

Finally, your hooks are good to go. You can now hang your decor on the hooks carefully. Although adhesive hooks may be strong enough to hold the object, you may want to gently anchor the object to the hooks so that they won’t slide off the stucco.