Homeowners may choose different materials for their homes and other projects. Cinder blocks and cement blocks are quite popular. You have to clearly know their differences and advantages, so you can know which is best for you and what you need.


One of their major difference is their composition. Concrete is made of aggregates, which are commonly finely crushed stone or sand. It is the end product if cement and a filler component. On the other hand, a cinder block is actually a generic term for structural blocks. That means that they are made from different things. However, the term “cinder” was from back in the day, when people use to burn coal to heat their homes. 

Today, cinder blocks are composed of different aggregates instead of sand or gravel. They might use ash, coal, In some cases, they are the same size as concrete blocks. 


Concrete blocks are significantly heavier than cinder ones. That is mostly because of their hollow structure. Concrete is typically more compact. It is also because of the proportions of the aggregates and other materials in it. 


Of course, concrete is much stronger than cinder. You should know if it applies to the project you want to do. Never use a cinder block for in some places that require strength. An example is pavements or driveways that will have to carry a huge weight. 

Remember, you should follow building codes in any project you may have. It will ensure your safety and the strength and durability of your end product. 

Concrete and cinder blocks both have open cells, so they can get reinforced with metal or other materials. It is up to you to decide, just make sure that you consult a professional if it is about some serious project. Put safety as your utmost priority.


Cinder blocks are banned from many areas, especially because they will not stand up to elements. They can bend, and are prone to bowing and buckling. It does not even have a lot of tensile strength. It is best to reserve it for projects that will suit its properties and features.

On the other hand, concrete is efficient and has lots of advantages that it can offer. It is undeniably strong and long-lasting. Many houses and infrastructures built more than a hundred years ago are still standing today. It can stand up against many elements, even time.


If you think that builders today will prefer concrete, then you are wrong. If the building code in your area agrees to it, then you may still use cinder blocks. Remember that whatever you do should adhere to the regulations of the area. Because of that, cinder blocks can get costly, because of demands in an area. They are also easier to lift, so many may still prefer them.

Do not forget to ask experts when you are planning on building something. It is also significant that you consider codes in an area and follow them strictly, to avoid any problems.