Making plans for regular service with your HVAC contractor will benefit your air conditioner and furnace. It will increase the chance of your technician catching the small problems before it gets big. Tiny repairs won’t cost as much as service calls. It will also help maintain your units and make sure they work perfectly.

Here are the essential services your contractor might offer:


 Your contractor should check up parts of your air conditioner and furnace to know if they are in good condition. They have to make sure that the air and blower filters are free of dust, fur, or other things that may obstruct airflow; it can happen at least once every 30 days. 

 Coils also gather some dirt, dust, or debris once in a while. The evaporator coil may even get covered by ice, while the condenser coil is exposed outside. It can get blocked because of leaves and foliage. Examining this will also help your air conditioner and furnace greatly. 

 Chimneys and vents should also get checked to know if enough air is circulating in the system. Your technician has to examine if the ductwork is properly insulated or if the pipe joints are connected. Condensate drains also need some inspection once in a while to make sure it is free of any obstruction.

 Thermostats, motors, breakers, and other electrical components also have to get checked occasionally. Some problems you may have with your unit might be because of broken fuses or capacitors.

 Another good thing to check is the refrigerant level. It will go down after a long time of use, and your air conditioner might not be able to cool the air enough. Regular check-ups will also reveal if there are any leaks with the system.


Your HVAC contractor should also offer some cleaning services for components like the air or blower filter, condenser coil, evaporator coil, and others that may require cleaning after some time of use. The parts of your unit should be free of blockages to get the proper airflow and work efficiently. If all are good, you will consume less energy and spend less on electricity bills.

Repair and Replacement

To preserve or prolong the outstanding performance your air conditioner and furnace gives you, some parts that may malfunction need repair or replacement. Even if you take good care of your units, components may get worn out. Compared to emergency repairs, it will save you a lot if you have planned services with your contractor. Some extra fees might be required if the part that needs repair is a complex one. Replacing the compressor may also add some additional costs since it is quite expensive.


After making repairs or replacements with your air conditioner or furnace, your technician should inspect if everything works fine before letting you use your unit again.

Do not hesitate to make service plans with your HVAC contractor to be saved from emergency repair costs! Contact one now to make sure your units always work in the perfect condition!